A Timeless Tradition of Quality


ISO 9001:2015 Certification originally received on July 9, 2003 from Smithers Quality Assessments, Inc.


Service Machine Co., Inc.’s mission is to provide a low-cost machining solution that is customer-focused; committed to delivering your specifications on-time, of excellent quality, and continuously improving. 

We at Service Machine Co. understand how important quality parts are to your business, and that's why we make Quality our top priority.  We currently complete very thorough inspections across all of our jobs, including 1st piece, in-process, and final inspections.  Inspection Reports can be provided with any job.  We also have a full gage calibration program to ensure all measurements are accurate.   With our ISO 9001:2015 certification, you can be sure procedures are in place to minimize the risk of a non-conformance with your parts.


First Piece Inspection - All jobs go through an extensive first piece inspection to carefully review all of your specifications and ensure that they are being met. 

In-Process Testing - A sample of each job is tested after each process that is performed.  Supervisors and operators also perform on-the-job inspections to make sure all operating parameters are holding to your tightest of tolerances.

Final Inspection - Before any parts will be shipped to you, a final inspection against a sample of parts is completed.  Only parts that meet your every specification will be shipped!!

Coordinate Measuring System